• Meredith Pitt

    Meredith Pitt

  • Sharlene R Prince

    Sharlene R Prince

  • Wendy Harman

    Wendy Harman

    #nptech enthusiast, #RedCross worker, copyright nerd, curious introvert, southpaw

  • Jackie Wester Hajji

    Jackie Wester Hajji

  • Aanchal Dhar

    Aanchal Dhar

    Bouncing like a Berlin-style ping pong from Bklyn to SF. I think a lot about #socent | #tech4good | turning messes into messages.

  • Alexandra Blond

    Alexandra Blond

    Marketer with many lives, seeker of knowledge, lover of the arts. And good chocolate.

  • Richard Ross

    Richard Ross

    Photographer, researcher and professor of art in Santa Barbara, CA. :: http://richardross.net

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